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These are places that Kirsten frequents
Turn your photo's into art Affordable personalised custom pop art portraits from your favourite photographs. Printed onto a box canvas or photo paper
Art for business Original contemporary artworks for corporate and office interiors and the hotel and leisure sector.
Cats Like Us - Retro Style Clothing
Rockabilly Mens Clothing and Pinup Womens Clothing and Accessories
www.devilbabe.com - Isabel Samaras' masterful blending of classical and kitsche.
suzanneschirra.com - Fun and funky dog art by Suzanne Schirra
thetartgallery.com - Vancouver's pop tarts of pop art
orbitgalleryspace.com - Harry Saylor's Orbit Gallery, the best in pop art in NYC
shaunnapeterson.com - Shaunna Peterson's delightful robot and pin-up art
www.asburylanes.com - Asbury Lanes - Bowling alley turned rock venue and lowbrow gallery lounge.
www.retrokitten.com - Retro Kitten - Pin-up paradise.
www.shootinggallerysf.com - Shooting Gallery - San Francisco's ultimate lowbrow haven
www.marinaretro.co.uk - Specialists in Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll Retro Clothing
www.kustomkempsofamerica.com - The best in nostalgic hot-rods
Lucky Strike Lanes - The ultimate bowling lounge
Rocketbuster Boots - Cowboy boot makers to the stars... and beyond
Chris Lauer Design - Web design for the rest of us...
Vintage Swank - Just plain cool
Sophinette - arte en francais
Kitschy Kitschy Cool - Swell stuff for Cads and Chicks
www.Barkclothhawaii.com - The coolest retro fabric store in the world.
www.dereknobbs.com - Twisted whimsy by Derek Nobbs
Do Wah Diddy - Home of 20th century pop culture
Go Kat Go - Rockabilly, Hot Rod, and Kool Kitsch Kollectibles
Roq la Rue - Seattle's funkiest gallery
Copro Nason Fine Art Publishing - L.A.'s hippest art spot
The art of Lisa Petrucci - Kiddles, Kittens and Kinky Kuties
Th'ink Tank Studio - Denver's swankiest tattoo shop and art gallery.
www.hotboxdesigns.com - The art of Sas Christian.
www.robertchouraqui.com - Photography of Robert Chouraqui.
www.mitchoconnell.com - The great works of Mitch O'Connell.
www.razcitystudios.com - Artwork and Illustration by Raz.
www.route66.com.au - Australia's coolest hotrod threads.
www.tip-top-atomic.com - Milwaukee's finest vintage clothing.
www.plushliving.net - The finest in rock-a-billy, punk, and club fashion for the discriminating consumer.

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